Importance of Plastic Extrusion


The whole process that takes over plastic extrusion is quite simple to hear, it is just the process of melting raw plastic so that it can be formed into continuous profile. The reason why plastic extrusion is a really popular process of manufacturing products is because it actually produces a number of really essential products that people are using mostly in their houses.

You should know that plastic extrusion starts with feeding plastic materials, the personnel will just dump the plastic materials inside a hopper and into a barrel that is in the extruder. The mechanical energy powered extruder then gradually melts the plastic inside, the hot part in the extruder will include the screws, the heater and barrel. The molten polymer will be put into a dye machine. The molten polymer is then formed into a pipe and they let it sit to cool off and harden.

Around the early 19th century was the date that the first modern extruder was developed. Around the year 1820, someone invented a rubber “misticator”, it was built so that it could reclaim processed rubber scraps. When mixing additives to the rubber, you will need a two-roller machine but that was only available around the year 1836, invented by another personality. Around the year 1935, a certain couple was believed to perform the first ever thermoplastic extrusion. And after that achievement, another man was able to develop the first twin screw extruder.

The Process

When doing plastic extrusion, the raw material that you will need will be in the form of nurdles. The plastic materials will be fed from a top mounted hopper that will lead into a barrel of the extruder. Additives like colorants and UV inhibitors will be added to the mix with the resin before the hopper arrives at the barrel. The process of both plastic extrusion and plastic injection molding is quite similar, the only difference is that the plastic extrusion is a continuous process. Also, pultrusion can give a lot of similar profiles within the continuous lengths. The difference between the two is that with the added reinforcing, they start pulling the finished product out of a die while the plastic extrusion will be extruding the melted polymer through a die, check it out!

The products that plastic extrusion creates and help create are really important in a person’s everyday life and also the products are essential materials that are used inside the home, that is why this kind of manufacturing process is really important and popular.

The whole process was designed and created to help everyone get what they need, plastic is an important material these days and you will never live without using one plastic product. Click here for more info!


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